Sonja dances tango since 2000. She had an artistic education in dance (Modern and Contemporary dance) and music (flute, accordion, piano and chant). Her wide experience in teaching in different settings developped her didactic skills and hence enrich her tango classes.

She organizes regularly milongas in Fribourg since 2004. In the past, she has been DJing. Her favorite orchestras are Osvaldo Pugliese and José Garcia as well as Enrique Rodriguez.

Cecilia Garcia & Serkan Gokcesu, Marianna & Vaggelis as well as Sabina & Ruben Veliz had a major influence on her dance. But this is only a short selection of teachers that contributed to the development of her dance. Naming all of them would be inappropriate for this short presentation.

In her dancing, Sonja seeks total presence, a deep mutual exchange that is gentle, precise, fluid and musical at once.

The human body and mind are fascinating her. She is a professionnal therapist in Fascia-Massage, Acupressur and Reflexolgogy. Her website tells you more about it:
Sonja Arnold