Codigos de la milonga

Dear Tangueras y Tangueros, dear milonga organizers,

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We care a lot about a good energy and harmony at milongas. Therefore we would like to encourage everyone to respect the Codigos of the milonga, these basic rules turning any milonga in a great time of respectful dancing.


The document below – for right translated only in French and German – explains these basic rules in a quite humorous way. Please read and apply to your dancing! You are welcome to print it and even distribute it at your milonga if you would like to do so.

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We are very grateful towards all those who contributed to the creation of this document by reading, correcting and commenting it!

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Viva tango!!

Codigos de la Milonga ENGLISH

Codigos de la Milonga FRENCH

Codigos de la Milonga GERMAN

Viva tango!!
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