Level 2 – Basics

You’ve joined a beginner class, have some basic tango skills and you would like to improve it lots. Keen on learning more, much more? This level is for you!


The level 2 classes starting in February 2018


Wednesday 20:00 – 21:15

14th February 2018 – 4th July 2018 (19 lessons)


In this class, all participants learn the movements as leader and as follower.
Niveau-2 Vice Versa
475.- normal rate / 380.- student rate
Murielle & Sonja are teaching
Arsen’Alt, Derrière-les-Remparts 12, Fribourg, salle Sud

Derrière-les-Remparts 12, Fribourg


Thursday 20:00 – 21:15

15th February 2018 – 5th July 2018 (19 lessons)
475.- normal rate / 380.- student rate
Murielle & Patrick are teaching
Villa Gallia, Rue Antoine-de-Saint-Exupéry 6, Fribourg

Villa Gallia, Rue Antoine-de-Saint-Exupréy 6, Fribourg


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In this class, we are working on the open and close embrace (abrazo abierto y cerrado) in a way that you feel comfortable dancing easily in both positions. We are looking into musicality as well, this for tango (a four beat rythm), vals (a three beat rythm) and milonga (a two beat rythm). We’ll deepen our work on dance technique and the walking and hope to tease out your true love for tango…

We recommend you take this class over two semesters so as to have the necessary time on your hands to integrate all we teach in this class. Tango is a body language needing lots of time…


➨ The semester fee can be paid with one or two payments.Bank wire or payment order.

➨ Absences are neither reimbursed nor reported to the following semester. You do have the possibility to make up for any missed classes during another day of the week in another class.

➨ You are responsible for having personal liability insurance.