Musicality with Michael Lavocah

Thursday 14 September 2017


Secrets of tango music

Michael knows how to talk about tango music so you won’t forget what you heard. Amazing! Do not miss out!

Michael leads us through the absolutely musical Practica

Apply what you learned on tango music, or at least parts of it as there will be so much information in your head by then…!


Michael Lavocah is one of the big connoisseurs of tango music. His researches lead him to Buenos Aires and he had the honor to write about Anibal Troilo for his 100th anniversary having been asked by his descendants to do so. We are very happy to have him in Fribourg.

After a introduction to the most beautiful tango music we love and cherish, Michael will guide us through the field of tango orchestras. We ca learn how to identify an orchestra and how does not want to recognize his favorite orchestras so as to dance them with his/her favorite dance partner…?


Venue: Centre le Phénix, Rue des Alpes 7, 1700 Fribourg

Language: The talk is given in English, there will be a French translation.

Participation: 25.- normal rate / 20.- student rate

Subscription alone or in dance couples:

We change partners during the Practica so everyone can dance.


Who is Michael Lavocah?

Michael Lavocah

His books on tango music so far:

Tango stories: Musical secrets
Tango stories: Musical secrets

Anibal Troilo
Tangomasters: Anibal Troilo

Osvaldo Pugliese
Tangomasters: Osvaldo Pugliese


If you cannot make it to Fribourg on Thursday 14 September 2017, come to Pully Tangofestival on Saturday 16 Septembrer 2017 17:30-19:00
Tangofestival Pully