Murielle’s passion for tango started in 2011. She teaches since 2014 and organizes milongas, practicas and tango weekends on a regular basis.

Recently, she started to DJ at local milongas and practicas. Her favorite orchestras are Osvaldo Fresedo, Anibal Triolo and Juan d’Arienzo.

Regularly, she is taking classes with Silvio la Via and Marianna Koutandou & Vaggelis Hatzopoulos. She had the chance to work in private classes or workshops given by the following teachers: Pablo Veron, Esteban Moreno & Claudia Codega, Fausto Carpino & Stephania Fesneau, Corina Herrera, John Erban, Daniel Urquilla and John Zabala. She prefers the tango salon style and likes very much the dance couple “Los Totis”.

Her dance is fluid, sensitive and musical. In the dance, she seeks the comfort of the embrace, the connection to the dance partner and the beauty of the movement.