Milonga Arcades 2015-3_très petite taille

© Nicolas Bohny

Saturday 2nd September 2017


Enjoy a milonga in a unique place in the heart of Fribourg. Its magic is particularly strong in the moment of twilight. Come and enjoy the beauty of an open air milonga in one of the oldest areas of downtown Fribourg.


19h-20h Free introduction classes to tango

Join in and dance. No subscription. With or without dance partner. Just come and dance!

20h-24h Milonga

A summer night milonga in a stunning venue awaits you.
DJ Yves (Lausanne), a passionate music collector

If the indian summer should be rather chilly….

we’ll start the introduction class and the milonga earlier.
Please check here by Saturday lunch time!

If the weather should be just to bad for dancing outdoors…

we’ll dance indoors. The decision is taken Saturday during the day. You will find more information here as well as the address of the new venue.


Milonga with Pot-Luck-Buffet: 20.-/15.- students
Your cakes and snacks are very welcome and will be appreciated by all the hungry dancers.


Terrasse des Arcades, Place des Ormeaux 1, Fribourg

At the very bottom of Rue de Lausanne right in front of the RDV Café on the roof top.

Place des Ormeaux 1 Fribourg

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