Level 3 Intermediate

You’ve been working on your tango and dancing in local milongas for at least one year’s time. Being keen on working some more on your posture, your musicality and your smooth dancing, these classes are for you!

Our classes from August 2016 onwards

Tuesday 6:30pm – 7:45pm

23rd August 2016 – 31st January 2017 (19 lessons)
475.- (380.- students)
Les Tanneurs, Place Petit Saint-Jean 7, Fribourg, 1st floor

Wednesday 9pm- 10:15pm

24st August 2016 – 1st February 2017 (19 lessons)
475.- (380.- students)
Arsen’Alt, Derrière-les-Remparts 12, Fribourg



For all your tango questions
077 470 08 33



We’ll be focusing on musicality and in particular on the milonga rythm (a two beat rythm). Our goal is to make you feel comfortable with the three rythms currently danced in milongas: tango, vals and milonga. We do not keep ourselves from making you discover (and maybe love) the amazing tango music (the traditional tango). This class teaches as well more complex moves, a soft and tender leading and a more fluid dancing. We start workig on body awareness…

It sometimes is useful to repeat this class as its content is very large. Some people find it helpful to take a private class to work on one specific topic of the intermediate class.

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❧ The semester fee can be paid with one or two payments depending on your preference.

❧ Absences are neither reimbursed nor reported to the following semester. You do have the possibility to make up for any missed classes during another day of the week in another class.

❧ You are responsible for having personal liability insurance.