Level 1 Beginner

Our level 1 (Beginner) classes are tailored for those wishing to learn Argentinean tango and its basic steps.

We are teaching in French, English and German.


Our beginner’s classes from August 2016 onwards

Wednesday 7:45pm – 9pm

24 August 2016 – 1st February 2017 (19 lessons)
475.- (380.- student)
Arsen’Alt, Derrière-les-Remparts 12, Fribourg

Thursday 9pm – 10:15pm

10 November 2016 – 2nd February 2017 (11 lessons)
250.- (200.- student)
Les Tanneurs, Place Petit Saint-Jean 7, Fribourg, 1st floor

Saturday 3:30pm – 7:45pm

26 November 2016 – 4 February 2017 (8 intensive lessons of 2h15 each)
360.- (290.- student)
Les Tanneurs, Place Petit Saint-Jean 7, Fribourg, 1st floor


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Get in touch with me if you’ve got any questions:
077 470 08 33


Our teaching

In this first level class, we work around the connexion with the dance partner, our mutual non-verbal understanding, the embrace (abrazo), some dance technique and the fundamental tango moves. At the end of this class the latest, you’ll feel comfortable dancing in milongas (tango dance events) knowing the rules of the milonga (a set of rules on how to behave on the dance floor for a respectful milonga).

We recommend to follow this class entirely so as to get the fundamentals of tango that will be improved in the second level class (Basic level).

tango-1-16_taille réduite

❧ The semester fee can be paid with one or two payments depending on your preference. Bank relation IBAN CH70 0900 0000 1070 1704 6

❧ Absences are neither refunded nor reported to the following semester. You do have the possibility to make up for any missed classes during another day of the week in another class.

❧ You are responsible for having personal liability insurance.