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Upcoming sales

Get in touch with me (sonja(at)tangofribourg.ch 077 470 08 33) for an appointment and find your pair of great Turquoise shoes!


The shoe sales during Gourmande Milonga will continue this fall.
During Milonga La Gourmande
Salle polyvalente de l’école primaire de la Vignettaz, Route de la Gruyère 9, 1700 Fribourg
Ecole primaire de la Vignettaz, Route de la Gruyère 9, Fribourg


Check out what is in stock right now (the pink fields)



A pair of women’s shoes: 200chf



A pair of gentlemen’s shoes: 230chf


Cash or bank wire. Please ask for the bank details.


Any questions? Write to sonja(at)tangofribourg.ch

Groupe fb Turquoise Suisse

Wanna know more about the company and the fine Turquoise people? Follow the link below and get to know their philosophy:

Turquoise (Istanbul)


How to find a good and comfortable pair of tango shoes:

I’d recommend you pay attention to the following when buying tango shoes:

  1. Is the heel of the shoe in the middle of my natural heel? The heel should elongate your leg and be right in the middle of your natural heel. Some heels are not very straight nor very stable…

  3. Are my metatarsus nicely supported? In an ideal case, your shoe carries your metatarsus and follows the curve of your foot. Not too steep, not to flat, just the right shape for your foot.

  5. Is there enough room for my toes? Is the shoe wide enough? If you need to squeeze in your toes, then you’ve got poor chances to be comfortably dancing for long hours… Go for a shoe that is wide enough for your foot. Open shoes do have the advantage to leave more room to the toes.

  7. Am I comfortable with the heel height? If you want to impress with a 9cm heel, go ahead. If you want to be nice and comfi, take a 7.5cm heel. For some girls, a 4cm or 5cm heel is ok, of others that same heel is far too low. I personally suffer from 8cm or more heels, but other dancers love it. Choose the heel height you are most comfortable with. A very common heel height is 7.5cm. Please note that the width of the heel does not improve your balance. This, you get it out of your center and from having a relaxed foot ; )

  9. Is the material being used comfortable on my skin? No cutting laces, no hard material leaving your foot with pressure marks, but here we are talking about details, very important details of your comfort. Choose a comfortable shoe that looks good, too. Not a nice shoe being uncomfortable…



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