Women’s technique

Fall and winter 2018


Monday 19:00-20:15

3. & 17.9.2018
1. & 29.10.2018
12. & 19. & 26.11.2018
14. & 28.1.2019

Series fo 10 lessons: 250.- Single class 30.-

Solo & Duo

Solo & Duo, for all dancers interested in improving their dance technique, posture, comfort and musicality. But not only….we’ll talk about major tango themes as well…

Discuss questions, exchange experiences and learn many little “tango secrets” female dancers know… and apply them at the PractiLunes right after the class!

You will get exercices to work on your tango at home or in any situation in daily life!

We will be working alone (Solo) and in pairs (Duo). Subscripe alone or with a friend with whom you would like to do the partner exercices.



Rue des Alpes 7, Fribourg

Subscription alone or in a couple of two followers:

077 470 08 33

Bring a pair of socks and a pair of heels

Murielle Ody-Favre & Sonja Arnold-Zwimpfer are teaching